Passive Income | How to Automate Your Turo Rental Car Business

Published on November 26, 2020

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Today, I am going to be talking to you about how I make my Turo Rental Car Business as passive as possible, and how you can implement these same tactics to make your business more automated and more efficient. Enjoy!
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Is Turo REALLY a passive income stream? This is a question I get asked often, and it is a question I ask myself often, and the answer is, well….sort of.

Turo isn’t really a 100% passive business model – because you have to take photos of the cars, you have to check the cars in and out 24 hours before and after rental, and of course, there is a ton of maintenance associated with having a fleet of cars on Turo. But, just because it isn’t 100% passive does not mean you can’t make it more passive, so today I am going to show you how I’ve automated my business to make it as passive as possible!

So, let’s begin!

The first step in automating your Turo Business is to do remote key exchanges. There are two types of ways you can do a key exchange on Turo – you can do an in-person one, this is where you meet the guest in person. Or, you can do a remote key exchange – this is where you do not meet the renter in person, you instead have some sort of process in place to allow the guest to pick up the car without you being present.

I do all of my rentals remotely, meaning wherever I am (as long as I’ve taken pre-trip photos) I can check in a car.

When you do a remote key exchange you need to make sure to get a photo of your guest’s driver’s license as well as a selfie photo of them holding their license – this step is IMPORTANT! Do not forget it.

Then, once the guest sends those you have to verify that 1) it is not expired 2) the name matches the one on the profile 3) the birthday matches the one on the profile.

Once these things are confirmed, you are good to carry on with the rental. Now, there are a few different ways you could do a remote handoff – you could use the lockbox method and keep the key in a lockbox, you could use a tracker that allows you to unlock/lock the vehicles, or I’ve seen other creative ways like hiding the key inside the car…etc.

The method you use for remote key exchange is up to you and what makes the most sense for your business – but if you aren’t already doing remote key exchanges, I’d highly recommend it as it makes the Turo business model more passive and significantly easier to manage.

To learn more about the remote key exchange process, check out this Turo link:

The second step of automating your business is to have a process for everything, especially the checking in and out of vehicles. Make sure you have the cleaning products you need ready, make sure you have vacuums, air fresheners, and rags to efficiently clean the vehicles. The check-in and check-out process of Turo is probably one of the most time-consuming aspects of the business, so if you can streamline this process it will save you a lot of time (and headaches).

For me, I park my cars in an offsite lot, so I have to drive to check-in cars – so, I make sure that when I go to my lot I have all the supplies I need right there. I carry a backpack full of cleaning supplies, a portable vacuum, and air fresheners. That way I don’t have to worry about not having what I need to get a car ready for a rental.

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes to check in a car, so getting it down as close to the 5-minute mark can save you a ton of time.

My last tip and probably one of the best ones I’ve done for my own business is to have all your messages to your guests pre-written. I keep all my Turo messages in a folder on my phone, so when it comes to messaging guests all I have to do is go into that folder and copy and paste it.

Things like a welcome message, a reminder about return, a message regarding the photos I need before the key exchange…etc all of my standard messages are pre-typed so that within a few clicks I can get my instructions to the guest.

This has saved me a ton of time over the years as I used to spend 2-3 minutes typing each and every message out – and 2-3 minutes add up over time! Having a process to the messaging aspect of the business has saved me a ton of time.

These are my three tips for how you can automate your business! Turo is a great business model, but it can be much less passive than it seems. Once you get to 12+ cars, maintenance, checking in and out cars, dealing with guests – all of it can become really overwhelming rather quickly. But, if you have a process in place it makes it so much easier and allows for you to expand and scale your fleet that much easier.

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Passive Business

Passive Business, Passive Income | How to Automate Your Turo Rental Car Business.

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