How We Make $500 a Day with Affiliate Marketing (Passive Income Case Study)

Published on November 26, 2020

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Discover how our YouTube channel makes $500 a Day with affiliate marketing (passive income!)
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We love monetizing our channel with affiliate links because it means we get to keep our YouTube videos free, while being able to be compensated for our time.

We also love affiliate marketing because it’s a very passive business model. As Sarah said, even if she had a car accident and could no longer keep uploading videos, this channel would continue to make money even as she was bedridden and recovering. Having this passive source of income is a great form of income diversification.


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Usually on this channel, we talk about ecommerce businesses (dropshipping, Amazon FBA) however we’ve had a lot of people ask us about affiliate marketing as they know that is how we monetize our channel. On this YouTube channel, we make $500 a day ($15,000 a month) passive with affiliate marketing. We earn it by promoting the following 3 products:

  • Shopify – a program that makes creating ecommerce stores easy for beginners.
  • iPage – a low-cost web hosting platform that people can use to host their ecommerce WordPress stores with.
  • Jungle Scout – an app that lets you identify and track top-selling products on Amazon.

Some days we make more than $500 a day, other times we make less, but on average it works out to be about $500 a day.


If you already have a dropshipping store, then you can immediately start making money with affiliate marketing. Go to an affiliate offer marketplace like ClickBank and find an offer that is related to your niche. You can then promote the offer to your store’s email newsletter series. Watch our video, 3 Weird Dropshipping Hacks, to find out how.


Step 1: Choose a niche that you are an expert in.

Find a niche that you are an expert in. You will use this expertise to prove that people should trust your product recommendations.

Step 2: Build a following on a social platform or a website with free, valuable content

On this channel, we have free tutorials that show people how to use the 3 products that we recommend. We also have lots of other free videos that contain no affiliate links at all. These videos provide viewers with lots of free, valuable information. This helps us build a following of people that trust our recommendations, because we’ve proved ourselves to them.

Step 3: Recommend products to your followers

Once you’ve built up a following, you can start recommending products to your followers. Don’t over-do it though, and remember to focus on providing lots of free, valuable content as your primary goal!

Passive Income Ideas Affiliate Marketing

Passive Income Ideas Affiliate Marketing, How We Make $500 a Day with Affiliate Marketing (Passive Income Case Study).

Debt Totally Free Living: Make It Your Future

These are your “pleased” customers that you desire to look after by offering them increasingly more. How lots of shares you hold, figures out how much your dividend will pay. People browse the Web trying to find information.

How We Make $500 a Day with Affiliate Marketing (Passive Income Case Study), Play trending replays related to Passive Income Ideas Affiliate Marketing.

Developing A Passive Earnings With Online Marketing Advertising

You have to truly believe about it, deep down within about how precisely you desire your life to be. Getting cash on a monthly basis, week, or perhaps every day is ENJOYABLE. There are affiliate programs for practically any type of item.

There are lots of passive income ideas out there just waiting to be grabbed, more so ever because the revolution of the web happened. Yes, that’s right, earlier, individuals just thought of the web as a means of entertainment. People used it to just talk with their pals or download music (illegally!).

Of course, it depends upon passive income sources how much you wish to have when you retire and how much you have actually managed to sock away already, but let’s look at a couple of examples.

You have actually heard it previously, and I am no exception. Keyword research study is the tool to assist you target the biggest most relevant audience for the passive income streams you are trying to promote if you produce content.

But there are some cons to it, it will take a long time to establish and at the exact same time you have to masterfully position ads for your store. But with time, this little service venture can be quite profitable undoubtedly. So put it right up there in your list of passive income ideas.

It needs to be a short-term and medium variety goal to have 3 or more various income sources working for you concurrently. Among the most convenient ways to do this is by being an affiliate marketer where another person has the item and you market and promote it online. If it offers, you make a certain percentage of the deal. If you find niche markets you can do well in it, this is a crowded market but.

They can make it an irreversible one too. All these depends upon the skill that one individual needs to understand about the way to make and to make income on a monthly basis as routine one. All that requires having an excellent amount of residual income on a monthly basis is to have an excellent self decision and more than that perseverance is vital in the field of passive incomes.

You do not have to work all alone. Specialist help is a must in any passive income service launch, and while you may expect to be included at the deep end from the very starting this is not the case.

Second, utilize your social circles. Most of us keep routine contact with 10-12 individuals. Know what items you desire to market online. So put it right up there in your list of passive income ideas.

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