How To Start A Money Lending Business

Published on December 6, 2020

Best complete video related to small business ideas, best passive income, and Profit Money Lending, How To Start A Money Lending Business.

How To Start A Money Lending Business

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How To Start A Money Lending Business

Whats good Wealthbuilderz
its yah boy DeVaughn
back again with another video
Today we are talking about
How To Start a Money Lending Business
so lets go!

So you want to start a money lending business
ok there is a simple way of going about this
and it allows you to start really small

You don’t even have to invest money in a llc
or anything like that

You can actually start with three different sites

Thats prosper, lending club and a newer way
and thats called Solofunds

The difference between prosper and lending club is not that big.
There loans are A. harder to get and B. have higher limit.

Solofunds has the biggest difference between the three
Its much more of a financially freindly platform in my opinion

The reason is the loan amounts on Solofunds are much lower then
prosper and lending club.

You can easily become a lender and help a peer in financial distress
while still making a return on your money.
Solofunds has a thing called solo score that determines a
borrower’s worthieness of credit.

If a borrower doesn’t payback a loan you can forward
their information to collections but they can actually
extend the loan for another two weeks for $5 or %5
which ever one is greater

You can’t be a provider of the loan
and a borrower in the solofund platform

I personally think apps like solofund are really good
but the thing is make sure
if you do take a loan don’t request for more
then you can pay back.

All in all the Solofunds app is a pretty good idea
and can work if you have an financial situation
if you want to find out more about Solofunds
check out the link below

If your looking to start you money lending business this
can be a great way to get started without
putting out too much risk to get started.

To be honest having a Loan Business
is one of the most passive income business models
there is in my opinion

After watching this video and you think that
having a loan business is not for you then
check out how you can start a online marketing business
for $7 and build a automated business online
check out the

Thanks for watching my video
It’s yah boy DeVaughn signing off
for How To Start A Money Lending Business

Do remember Wealthbuilderz
make more
save more
build more!!

Profit Money Lending

Profit Money Lending, How To Start A Money Lending Business.

Establishing A Passive Income With Online Marketing Advertising

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How To Start A Money Lending Business, Search more updated videos about Profit Money Lending.

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