How I Created 7 Income Streams that Make $23,058 Per Month

Published on November 18, 2020

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How 7 streams of income make me $23,058.10 per month, the funny thing is that some of these streams of income have 22-30 different streams within them.

How I created 7 income Streams that Make me $23,058.10 Per Month

  1. Youtube: I have over 300 videos that pay me
    Originally my idea was: if I have 365 videos and I make 2$ a day per video that would be $8,760 bucks ( that’s why all the videos I post are around Value) – Value Sticks Around

Current Earning: $14,889.28 + 4 days missing for decemebr so lets say I make an extra + $1,200 for those days: Total of $16,089.28

  1. Business: 30-37 different business that hires me ( 7 are not active)
    Beg: One of the first business that I started when I was 19, and I wanted to put my accounting skills to work before graduating.
    Climax: So I went door to door on small business and offers my services and saved business money and gave them ideas to make money, some business pays me a percentage of profits because of the work I’ve done.
    Ending: Now im more focus on adding more people to the business, because right now I wear a hat in the business.

How much I make: $1500 a week and $8,000 per month

  1. Dividends: Started a year ago, So far according to my calculation I earn 2.35% per year, so this year I got: this year I’ve earned $127.01
    Beg: When I was in college I wanted to learn how to invest so I read a book and traded, fun but a lot of work, like it had to be my career if I did it correctly
    Climax: In late 2018 I decided to just invest in ETFs using acorns and invest 500 bucks per money, That money has grown by 9% but the orginal 500 bucks by 20% or so
    Ending: I plan on investing like this for the 40-50 years

How much I Make: I did the math I make around 2.35 and this year I have made $127.01 and that’s roughly $10.58 for December. ( I have a total value of $8,497.72 invested)

  1. Affiliate marketing
    Beg: This is money I make by referring you guys to stuff that I used.
    Climax: Funny enough I always wanted sponsorships and all that stuff but I’ve said no to roughly 95% of everyone that approaches me, its not worth if it doesn’t make you guys money.
    Ending: but the products I do believe in, I talk about, and when you guys sign up I get paid, but so do you guys. Like acorns and sofi. So if I made money you guys made money also

How much I Made: I made roughly this $6500 bucks which means you guys made $6,500 bucks also, which to me is awesome. Monthly that’s around $541.67

Ps: I’ve left thousands on the table

  1. Amazon: I make money with amazon affiliates, but also with amazon products, by doing reviews.
    Beg: people told me to make videos with products to get you guys to buy stuff I didn’t use. But again I said no
    Climax: So I spoke about books, and choose audible as the product for amazon. SO when you guys sign up and get 2 free bucks I get 5$
    Ending: But even if you cancel you get to keep the books and I get to keep the money. Win-Win ( you save 50 bucks I make 5 bucks)

How much I made: 113.47 per month

  1. Tshirts/Merchandise:
    Beg: I wanted to get t-shirts for the channel, so it could have more of a brand you know
    Climax: I got inspired by this guy Nas, and maybe to inspired, but I didn’t push it, because I want to make a better version
    Ending: So if you want this T-shirt and hoddie, you have literally 4 days to get after 2019 over this hoodie is also over

How much I made: $3.09 per month for a total 37 this year

  1. Phone flipping/ Side Business:
    Beg: This is how I started making my first few bucks actually, by selling sneakers in schools and phones
    Climax: At my peak, I was selling 3-4 phones per week and making 100-150 per phone sometimes even 200 bucks
    Ending: Now I’ve slowed down and dedicated my time to other interest.

How much I made: 300-500 per month, and its because I slowed down and only do it for personal gain. I bought two switches with 200 profit and a phone with 150 profit

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7 Passive Income Streams

7 Passive Income Streams, How I Created 7 Income Streams that Make $23,058 Per Month.

The Significant Income Of The Truly Rich!

Are you taking opinions from friend or family? As quickly as possible, in addition to composing for pay, you must also develop passive income streams. The earnings you earn for which you need to work is called Active Income.

How I Created 7 Income Streams that Make $23,058 Per Month, Explore trending complete videos about 7 Passive Income Streams.

The Real Method To Earn Money Online

You provide a bit of helpful information, however not excessive. Initially you might feel confused about the entire idea and might not understand which method to move further. You are free to wake at any time you desire.

The concept of getting rich quick has unsavory connotations, nevertheless to get rich quick is no criminal activity providing you created that wealth within the law. Wealth development has numerous elements and can often be complicated nevertheless it doesn’t need to be. To get rich quick, you only require one thing. Leverage.

It’s a truth that everyone will have various concepts of what their perfect way of life must be. You need to actually think of it, deep down inside about how precisely you desire your life to be. That being stated, if you earn a passive income sources earnings, you have the capability to more easily create your own way of life. That extra income in your savings account not only gives you more cash, it can also provide you more time and liberty to do whatever it is you desire to do.

Concept: The really initial step to setup passive income streams is choosing the ideal concept. You require to browse for as numerous concepts as possible and choose those concepts that look achievable. You can get the assistance of those who are already into this. Never ever enable yourself to be stuck here. You must find out which concept matches your mental frame. Never ever delay this procedure and you must begin dealing with the very same fast.

This might need the most up-front work out of all the passive income ideas, however it can also be the most profitable. If you do not desire to spend years developing a company, consider buying a franchise. Some franchises are turnkey operations with tested outcomes.

Think about composing an eBook or educational videos. These are easy to create providing you have the concepts to write it. “How to” ebooks constantly do extremely well. You can then go on to sell these either through your own website or a publishing site like Amazon. You might even get other individuals to sell you educational items as affiliates, increasing your sales and decreasing your work.

They can make it a permanent one too. All these depends on the talent that one person needs to understand about the method to earn and to make earnings monthly as routine one. All that needs having an excellent amount of recurring earnings monthly is to have an excellent self decision and more than that persistence is vital in the field of passive incomes.

Do earnings from several various sources seem like something for you? Then it is time for you to do something about it. Be innovative and begin creating more earnings sources for yourself today.

Second, use your social circles. Many of us keep routine contact with 10-12 individuals. It is true that such a system is not passive however it is rather a methods down the scale towards being passive.

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